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I’m Melisa, founder of Kanary Naturals. As a former Stylist and Salon owner, I have worked with a ton of chemicals. After over a decade of experience in the beauty industry I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I was stripped from having the convince of buying and using ALL store bought products even natural and organic "so-called" products.  At that point I began on a journey to understand what was really in the products I was using. Determined to heal from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and stop putting chemicals into my body and the bodies of those I love most, I set out on a mission to clean up our medicine cabinet and go truly “natural”.

My search for a few natural staples led to intense label investigating, and surprising to me at the time, turned up a lot of pretty darn unethical uses of the term “natural” and “healthy”. Alarmed and wanting to be more informed, I started to search natural ingredients and chemicals and began searching for the truth. The truth led me to create my own -LEGIT- natural, chemical free, deodorant that truly works. Best thing is that it works, in many cases it works better than the chemical filled ones and doesn’t have a over whelming synthetic smell, just an amazing soft coconut aroma.

We will be launching more -LEGIT- skin care products in 2018.

Thank you for taking your time to read about my journey to Kanary Naturals. We are proud to bring you the purest natural products you can buy and they seriously work. 

Thanks, Melisa