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Brooke Lee

Stylist/ A Touch of Meraki
Gig Harbor

Hi, I am Brooke. Carefree, compassionate, considerate, outgoing, courageous, empathetic, creative, trustworthy, loving, patient, and insightful. 

I have always known how to read a room. I could feel what people were feeling and a lot of the time know what people were thinking. As a child this made me a very big people pleaser, always making sure everyone was happy, had what they needed, felt included, etc. I always thought of this as a gift, never a burden. Observing people’s behavior and actions have always fascinated me. Of course I love to engage but most of the time I’m happy and content to sit back and watch the exchange of energy. 


I chose a career 20 years ago in the service industry. From the age of three there was never really a doubt in my mind but I wanted to do hair. I wanted to take care of people, make them look beautiful and feel beautiful.  I wanted to empower them. I could always see the best version of someone without knowing much about them. I have found a tremendous amount of success in my industry as a mentor, a salon coordinator, salon educator, salon owner, and major product and education ambassador to one on one behind the chair with my clientele. I have always been fiercely into continuing my education and keeping current. The last thing that you want to do is become irrelevant in this cutthroat industry. 


As I have gotten older and more experienced, I began to realize just how ego driven the industry that I had once so much loved actually was. To be honest, it had always been but so had I. It was fiercely competitive, critical, demanding, just plain icky.  I began to see that I had gotten so far off base from the intention I once set as a little girl. Enough was enough. I would spend the last of my 30’s repairing the spirit that was so badly wounded from the last two decades of telling myself I wasn’t good enough, amongst other things. 


My healing journey has been so beautiful, so much that it is difficult to write a brief summary about. I am forever thankful, and changed and the love continues to blossom in me. I sold my salon, resigned from my educator position with the big corporate product and education company and now I am renting a station in the charming town I get to call home. I love the love, the thoughtfulness, the one on one time and the healing that takes place when I’m working with my clients behind the chair now. I now continue my education in a way that nourishes my soul rather than my ego.


 Through my own journey of healing I started working personally with energy healing. This last year I became a certified 3rd degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master. With my soul sister and very best friend Shawna, we have started working together to help others repair what once was but may have gotten loss due to a trauma or any other number of circumstances that would impair ones ability to fully reach their potential, there lives purpose. 


Together we created our company, A Touch of Meraki”. We work together to offer a safe and compassionate container for healing while holding intentional space to weave energetic healing and Reiki in a gentle and loving way.  We combine botanicals, crystal therapy, meditation techniques, shamanism practices, chromotherapy, sound healing to release physical,emotional and spiritual blockages stored within and around the body to realign the body-mind- spirit, harmonize energy,  increase your personal vibrational frequency to restore the natural state of your body bringing you in alignment with your true self.  We also offer handcrafted items from the heart to inspire sacred living from smudge wands, medicine bags, dream catchers, magical wands and more.


Of course I still work behind the chair as a cosmetologist and plan to continue doing so for many years to come but my goal is to work more with energy healing and one day open a space that combines all types of healing.

My Presenters Sessions

Friday, March 23

10:00am PDT

Saturday, March 24

10:00am PDT

Sunday, March 25

10:00am PDT

1:00pm PDT